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History of Christ The King

​Christ The King Parish


     The Parish of Christ The King (formerly known as Most Precious Blood Church) was founded on September 15, 1962, by Bishop Walter W. Curtis of Bridgeport.  Originally members of St. Theresa Parish, the pioneer parishioners gathered at Madison Junior High School to share worship with the Rev. Raymond Stephenson, first Pastor of the newly created Parish.

     In September of 1964 the chapel building and classroom area opened for parish use.  In 1974, Christ The King became the official title of the Parish.  Bishop Curtis offered a Pontifical Mass of Thanksgiving on March 24, 1974, celebrating the occasion of canonical change of name.  Preparation for such a transfer of title was initiated by the second Pastor, Rev. Bartholomew J. Laurello, in early Fall of 1973.

     Following the directives of Vatican Council II to simplify and properly present Church titles and customs, the Parish Council, endorsed the change.  After adequate Parish consultation via questionnaire, discussion and balloting, the parishioners opted to rename their Parish in honor of Christ The King.  This title highlights the Lordship of Christ Jesus.  The Parish Patronal Feast is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year.

On May 6, 1984, after the church's reconstruction, our Dedication Mass was Celebrated by The Most Rev. Walter W. Curtis, S.T.D., Bishop of Bridgeport.  To see the full Dedication Book click here. (You may have to zoom in on some pages in order to be able to read them).

Christ The King Parish numbered approximately eleven hundred families, encompassing homes situated on Main Street, upper Long Hill-Madison Avenue and the location bordering on historic Tashua.

Our church building was under repair once again when after a fire in December of 1994 almost totally destroyed the church offices.    The library and some of the classrooms suffered smoke and water damage, but the church itself only suffered minor smoke damage so Christmas services were not interrupted.  

In 2002, Christ The King celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a special Mass Celebrated by The Most Reverend William E. Lori, S.T.D.  Concelebrants that day were Rev. Bernard M. Dolan, Pastor; Rev. Lawrence F. Carew, Associate Pastor; Reverend Michael A. Boccaccio, Monsignor Peter P. Dora, Monsignor John E. Gilmartin, Monsignor Harry L. Hale, Rev. Arthur E. Norton and Rev. Edward Small, S.J.  All our parishioners were invited to continue the celebration after Mass at the Fireside Inn in Monroe.

On June 11, 2006, we honored our Pastor, Father Bernard Dolan, and our Associate Pastor, Father Lawrence Carew, on their 40th Anniversary of serving the Lord.  Then sadly in 2010, we lost Father Dolan, and Father Carew was appointed Pastor of Christ The King by Bishop William E. Lori.  

To see newspaper articles and photos of past events, click here.

This year we're looking forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary in September.  Arrangements are underway now.  Watch the bulletin for more information so you can save the date and join us in our celebration!

As the Parish continues to grow, it is the hope of all concerned that the Spirit of the Lord may be manifested in the homes and hearts of those who participate in the Parish honoring Christ The King.



​Prayer To Christ The King

​Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, we hail you as our King!  ​Through You all things came to be; in you all things will reach full growth.  You are the image of your Father,
the richness
 of His grace,  His free gift to us of life & love.

​From you we have received the gift of your own life to pulse within our spirits and make us truly sons and daughters of God, our Father. With God's own love You love us still; risen and in glory, You share with us Your royal mission to bring the Good News to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives, to set the downtrodden free.

​Lord Jesus Christ, we hail you as our King and pledge to you our hearts and hands to bring to all mankind your life, your love, and the glorious freedom of the children of God.   Amen.